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  • Build a Design Partner timeline

  • Recruit the right partners

  • Get valuable partner feedback 

I am an expert at leading product and marketing at B2B technology companies. 

I help young technology companies get to market quickly, using my unique design partner methodology.  The structured approach to working with customers and partners from ‘day one’ ensures they ‘do it right the first time.’

My design partner strategy has been featured in Fast Company and Medium.

The Key to Building Winning Products

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What is a Design Partner Program?

Work with potential customers from product concept through product delivery, validating your value every step of the way.

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How does it work?

On day one, recruit potential customers and work with them as you develop your product.  Meet these partners at regular intervals to get feedback; until (and after) your first product release.

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What’s In It for Them?

Some people crave new ideas, and they have the problem you are solving. Give them value from day one, and they will be eager to participate. The secret is finding the right partners and getting them onboard.

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How Many Partners is Enough?

Five to seven partners is a good rule of thumb.


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