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Read my monthly column.  Some recent articles include the following:

·      Is the Collaboration Development Platform the Future Desktop?

·      Are We Finally Headed to a Paperless Office?

·      Can Asynchronous Collaboration Survive Our Always-On Workplaces?

·      Microsoft Workplace Stats Give a Glimpse Into the Future of Work

·      Are We Going Back to the Office or Not?

·      Is Viva Topics the World’s First Topic Computing Solution?

·      Microsoft Viva Debuts, An Employee Experience Platform for the Hybrid Workplace

·      Why Salesforce Really Bought Slack

·      SharePoint Syntex: The First Stop on the Road to Project Cortex

·      A Solution to Marketers' Attribution Problems, According to Isaac Newton

·      Microsoft’s Project Cortex Wants You to Hire a Knowledge Manager

·      What Positive Lessons Can We Take Away From Our Time Working From Home?

·      The Recent Spike in Collaboration Tool Adoption Doesn't Mean Productivity Spikes Too

·      Practice Social Distancing Outside. Practice Social Closeness at Home

·      A New Generation of Collaboration Tools: Is it Really Different This Time?

·      Microsoft Project Cortex Ushers in the Age of Topic Computing

·      Microsoft Ignite 2019: Not Your Grandfather's Microsoft

·      It's Early Days Still for Microsoft Teams

·      Reclaim Your Attention: Leave Your Smartphone at Home

·      Is Microsoft Search the Solution to Finding Information in Office 365?

·      5 Tips to Harness the Power of Serendipity

·      Enterprise Personal Analytics: The Solution to Lagging Productivity?

·      What You Need to Know About Microsoft Retention and Sensitivity Labels

·      What Is Microsoft Kaizala?

·      Smart Internet Connected Appliances: The Trojan Horse in Your Kitchen

·      2018 in Review: A Year of Technology Reckonings

·      Microsoft Graph Data Connect: The Glue That Binds Office 365 and Azure

·      Slack or Microsoft Teams? Well, That Depends ...

·      Step Away From the Phone: Mobile Addiction Will Probably Get Worse Before It Gets Better

·      Technology Addiction's Impact Grows, Both In and Out of the Workplace

·      Is Your Time Online Time Well Spent?

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