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Stoking Interest and Engagement

Lead Generation

SharePoint and Teams Summits

Live one-day events held in Microsoft Technical Centers around the world. Each event typically  generated 250 registrants and 150 attendees. These events produced the best enterprise leads of any marketing campaign.

Marie Kondo “Tidy Up Your Content”

A series of educational webinars to promote a solution to help information workers capture and classify emails so they could be found easily. The campaign drove thousands of content downloads. Learn more >

The SharePoint Challenge

A 'Pepsi Challenge' -like contest to demonstrate a product's superior user experience.  The exposure created broad analyst attention and press recognition. Learn more >

Educational Content 

eBooks, infographics, white papers, and webinars for attracting and nurturing prospects and partners. Quality content represents an important part of an ongoing nurturing program to drive 'Contact Sales' inquiries.

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